Excel in Life

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What does God say about Life?

Want to study about a real teenager who withstood many trials and negative pressure situations? Like being hated by his family, sold into slavery and living in a land where he didn’t even speak the language, all before he was 17 years old? Joseph went through many hard unfair trials and was thrown into prison for his choice to resist sexual pressure! Come and see how he made it past the most critical moments in his life and how God used him to save a nation! Excel will help you learn to resist the desire to live for self and choose instead to live for the glory of God.

  • Living Life on Purpose…..God wants to do great things through you! Genesis 37:1-11
  • Never Alone…..Living in the presence of the Lord. Genesis 39:1-6
  • Standing Strong…..Resisting pressures. Genesis 39:7-9
  • Protecting Your Mind….Taking control of the media. Genesis 39:10-12
  • Waiting on the Lord… Building your character. Genesis 39:13-23
  • Marriage Rocks…..Looking forward to your future Genesis 41:14-46
  • Making A Fresh Start…..The Big Picture Genesis 41:50-55